The 2019 Ford Focus marks the beginning of the next generation for the compact sedan, and while we haven’t gotten to see the new model in its entirety yet, the automaker did give us a teaser video which showcases some of the most prominent exterior changes. Changes we can expect to see on plenty of new Ford models for sale.

Teaser videos are an interesting breed with some showing the whole vehicle inside and out and others giving you a couple of quick shots of a headlight and the wheels. The video we got to see is more of the latter, but it still gives us a pretty good hint of what to expect from this Ford sedan.

The video gives us a couple of quick shots of one of the headlights which features a bold new LED feature inside a narrow, angled casing. The video then pans to the rear of the vehicle, and we see emblazoned across the back in bold, modern lettering the word “FOCUS.” While it doesn’t give us an entire view of the vehicle, we can bet that from what we’ve seen this new model is going to be anything but gimmicky, and instead quite elegant.

While we don’t get to see anything of the interior from the short, it’s expected that it will look and feel similar to the upcoming Ford Fiesta. While that model won’t be sold in the U.S., it’s expected to share similar design language with the 2019 Ford Focus. Mainly a complete interior redesign which includes a new dashboard adorned with a luxurious tablet-style infotainment screen.

While the upcoming 2019 Ford Focus isn’t going to be the most expensive or the most luxurious sedan on the road, it’s apparent that the automaker isn’t cutting any corners on quality and design. Here at Park City Ford, we expect the new Ford Focus to be a classy sedan with some power behind it that you can be proud to show off.