Owning a car has many benefits, but it also requires a level of care and attention. One area that many drivers wish they could improve is fuel economy. Whether you’re driving a brand new Ford model for sale or you’ve had your beloved Ford car for years, there are several things you can do every day to improve your fuel economy.

These fuel-saving tips are easy, and you can accomplish them in your everyday driving by simply paying attention to your driving habits and taking a few preventative measures. One thing you should do to get the best gas mileage possible is to take all the items out of your car that you don’t need. Extra items like camping gear and sports equipment add weight to your car and decrease your fuel efficiency.

Another simple way to burn less gas in your daily driving is to get as many of your errands done in one trip as possible. When you start your car with a cold engine, it uses more gas to warm up. To keep from starting a cold engine several times a day, try and take fewer trips.

You’ve likely heard that the air conditioner is a big gas eater, and while it does use up more gas, it’s not as bad as open windows when traveling at higher speeds. When on the highway, roll up the windows to decrease drag and prevent your engine from working extra hard to maintain speed. You’ll also benefit from removing any roof rails and roof-top carriers when not in use.

In addition to avoiding quick acceleration and quick breaking, you’ll also want to pay attention to your tire pressure. Improperly inflated tires actually use up more gas, so check your tire pressure every few weeks.

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