At Park City Ford, we know that proper maintenance ensures your Ford engine runs smoothly at all times. Keeping the moving parts of your engine, transmission, and even brakes lubricated creates a long-lasting vehicle. To get the most out of your Ford vehicle, our expert technicians suggest checking these five essential fluids for maximum performance.

1. By far the most critical liquid in your vehicle is the engine oil. It lubricates the various components of your engine, prevents it from overheating, and keeps it clean. Oil change services should be completed every 5,000 to 8,000 miles.

2. If you notice your steering is tougher to turn, your power steering fluid may need to be replenished.

3. The coolant is what keeps all your car’s moving parts from overheating. You want the coolant reservoir to always be filled to the proper level.

4. Brake fluid depletes over time, and it often gets contaminated by outside water and dusty road conditions. If you hear a grinding sound or have trouble braking, it could be time for a fluid flush here at our Ford service center in Bridgeport, CT.

5. Much like engine oil, the transmission fluid keeps your transmission’s moving parts from grinding against each other. Catching a problem early on helps car owners avoid expensive transmission repairs later.

Whether you’ve noticed low fluid levels or see something leaking, contact our car service center here at Park City Ford. Our trained technicians are talented and efficient, ensuring each visit is seamless. We understand that you want your car to hold its value and run reliably, and that’s why our technicians are here to help you. Our Bridgeport Ford dealers look forward to working with you soon!