Don’t face the end of your car lease with trepidation. Let Park City Ford near Norwalk, CT get your car and paperwork in order. Our sales team is happy to help you figure out your lease-end options and discuss Ford financing in Bridgeport, CT to ensure a smooth transition. Review your choices and don’t forget to take into account lease-end deals that’ll help you save!

Drivers of leased vehicles often worry they’ve exceeded their mileage once their agreement comes to an end. Lease contracts explain the amount of mileage allowed during the leasing timeframe, along with the costs for overage. It’s important to review this information about 90 days before lease-end, allowing you ample time to prepare for fees or to reduce driving as often.

If you’ve purchased additional lease protection insurance, however, this could lessen the amount owed. In this case, it’s smart to consider buying your car for its residual value listed on the lease or consider lease-end offers. Buying your leased car actually saves you from paying fees, such as excessive mileage or wear and tear.

However, you also have the option to simply turn in your keys and walk away. Our Bridgeport Ford dealers understand that leasing may not be a suitable long-term option for customers, which is why we’ll support you with any route you decide to take. We’ll gladly show you the essence of financing and exactly what it entails!

Stop by Park City Ford in Bridgeport, CT and ask us about our lease-end offers or new car deals. We’ll walk you through the steps of Ford financing and help you with the entire lease process, from beginning to end.