As cold weather sets in and weather advisory reports start hitting the airwaves, safe driving throughout the winter season is crucial. Our new Ford models in Bridgeport, CT provide an array of standard and available safety options, and at Park City Ford, we know that the safety of your family is your top concern. Plus, protecting your investment is always important. To help ensure a safe holiday season, we put together a short list of tips for our customers.

1. Increase your visibility. Make sure all your lights are in working order, and also remember to turn them on even during daylight hours. Foggy conditions and winter elements contribute to a lack of visibility. It’s also important to keep an ice scraper in the car, along with a small shovel should you need to big your vehicle out.

2. Avoid rapid acceleration and braking. Whether it’s ice or snow, tires struggle for traction during inclement weather. By slowing down and not making any quick increases or decreases in speed, you’ll help prevent the sliding that occurs during the winter.

3. Pay attention to road conditions and other drivers. As a seasoned Connecticut driver, you may feel comfortable in adverse weather conditions. However, be aware of less-experienced drivers. Experts suggest staying eight to ten seconds behind the vehicle in front of you and watching for signs of black ice or other impending dangers.

At Park City Ford, our service technicians perform winter service checks on all Ford vehicles near Norwalk, CT. From battery checks to winter tire installation, our team ensures your car is ready for wintry weather. Give our Ford service center a call at 888-798-1913 to schedule maintenance as soon as today! With defensive driving techniques and a properly equipped car, you’ll stay safe regardless of the weather conditions.