With a new year always comes a list of resolutions. What goals are you aiming for this year? If you want to save money or stick to a budget, Park City Ford can help. One of the best ways to ensure your new Ford Focus or tried-and-true Ford F-150 stays in excellent condition is to have it regularly serviced. Plan for your new year by making a goal to schedule maintenance and address other car concerns in 2019.

Although we don’t think much of going a few miles past the suggested oil change, doing so affects your pocketbook. Depending on your type of driving conditions, you may need more maintenance than you currently get. For example, if your area is dry and dusty or you frequently travel on gravel roads, your car is working harder. Filters get clogged. Debris affects the moving parts of your engine. Your car works harder to perform optimally, which in return, uses more gas and costs you more money. By getting regular service, you know that you’re keeping your car running efficiently and not losing money at the gas pump.

Additional routine maintenance tasks to come in for include tire rotations, brake inspections, fluid checks, air pressure adjustments, and more.

The second great bonus about getting regular Ford service in Bridgeport, CT is that our factory-trained technicians can stay on top of any minor problems. By addressing an issue with your timing belt or figuring out which fluid is leaking, we catch problems before they turn into a huge expense.

Achieve your goals this year by committing to regular Ford service. You’ll save money on gas with a vehicle that performs well and avoid costly repairs. Plus, you’ll catch any hidden problems early. At Park City Ford, we’ll help you schedule regular maintenance as well as address ongoing issues.