Have you ever had a scare when you didn’t see the car behind you when you backed up? Perhaps you drive in stop-and-go traffic on a regular basis and feel stressed over the tight spaces. Our new Ford models in Bridgeport, CT provide an array of advanced safety technology to help in any possible way to ensure a protected ride every time you take the wheel. Are you familiar with how they work?

Adaptive Cruise Control

Everyday commuters appreciate the adaptive cruise control with stop and go, which is found in models like the Ford Escape and Ford Focus. This safety feature uses the base of regular cruise control, but it can actually bring your vehicle to a complete stop at low speeds if you don’t react to an automated alert. You can set a speed and following distance from the vehicle ahead, and should traffic change, the system automatically adjusts to compensate. The set speed is then resumed once deemed safe.

Lane-Keeping System

The lane-keeping system works in an effort to keep you centered and prevent unintentional lane drift. If it senses you start to veer off course and approach a lane marker, the steering wheel will vibrate to alert you. A lane-keeping aid mode is equipped, which enables directional steering torque to gently move you back to the center of the lane.

Additional safety systems offered in our Ford trucks, SUVs, and cars include automatic emergency braking, post-collision breaking, a blind spot information system, and active park assist.

You can find out about the latest safety tech here at our Ford dealership serving Norwalk, CT. Our sales team is happy to detail the available safety systems and how they operate in an effort to protect you and your loved ones. Contact us today to learn more!