Spring into a new season with a new or new-to-you vehicle near Norwalk. Our selection of reliable Ford models helps you navigate any and all roads, while our Ford service department keeps your car well-maintained. If you’re ready for a spring tune-up, then schedule an appointment with Park City Ford today.

Tune-up your used Ford vehicles

Wash away the grime and road salt with a good car wash then follow up by vacuuming out the interior. Once it’s clean, give your truck a good once over. You may notice small imperfections in the paint or rust forming around the wheel wells. Perhaps your tires look worn, or your windshield wipers aren’t doing their job. A thorough inspection ensures that you catch minor problems before it turns into significant issues. Take note of any problems, then give our Ford service center a call and find out how we can help.

Ford service near Norwalk

Once winter passes and roads work begins, then you know it’s time to prepare your car for the next season. Our trained technicians handle your routine maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about it. We check and change your filters and fluids. Plus, we can inspect your A/C system and clean off any corrosion on your battery. Routine maintenance and good record keeping help retain your truck’s value, so it remains a reliable used Ford vehicle for years to come.

Park City Ford can help

Whether you need a used Ford vehicle or service, at Park City Ford, we can provide it for you. Our convenient hours and amenities treat you and your car with the utmost care. Call our Bridgeport Ford service department and schedule your appointment today.