As the heat of summer hits its peak, it’s important that you give your car extra maintenance before your next big vacation. Because many of your vehicle’s internal systems suffer during heat waves, our service team at Park City Ford offers regular maintenance and inspections to help your car run smoothly in even the hottest conditions.

Battery Inspections

When exterior temperatures heat up, so does everything under your hood, including your battery. Heat from the sun stresses out a car’s battery, especially new 2019 Ford models like the 2019 Ford Explorer. Our team of expert technicians are always available to check that your battery is fully charged and in working condition. Plus, we offer a wide range of new Ford parts, like batteries, so you’re ready for your next road trip.

Air Conditioning Service

Ford manufacturers recommend air conditioning inspections regularly, but it’s especially important to get your A/C checked during the summer. Over time, the hoses in your A/C system wear out and filters get clogged. If you notice a musty smell in your car and your vents don’t pump cold air, bring in your vehicle to our service center near Bridgeport and we’ll examine all the critical parts of your system.

Coolant Replenishment

It isn’t difficult to refill the fluids in your vehicle every so often, but it’s especially important to top off your car’s fluids during the summer months. Excessive heat can cause liquids like your engine’s coolant to evaporate quicker than normal, which puts your engine at risk for overheating. If you want to refill your engine’s coolant before your next trip, take your vehicle to our service department and we’ll fill it up.

When you bring in your vehicle to our Ford dealership in Bridgeport, we’ll make sure it can withstand the heat like a pro. Don’t put off your adventures any longer – stop by today for a check-up!