Since you need to drive your Ford car every day, it’s essential that you keep driving safely. Unfortunately, as a driver, you can’t control the road conditions. Sometimes, there are unforeseen hazards that impact your ability to drive safely. From the experts here at Park City Ford, we want to help you learn all about common road hazards you may experience and how to react to them in a safe manner.

Avoiding Road Debris & Potholes: 

Drivers usually expect the road to remain clear, but that’s not always the case. In the event of road debris or potholes, try not to slam on your brakes or swerve around them. If you do, you may injure yourself or cause an accident. Instead, slow down and drive safely around objects, taking care to look out for other drivers.

How to React to Tire Damage: 

Oftentimes, you can start a journey with your vehicle intact, but you blow out a tire along the way. If this happens while driving, you’ll likely hear a loud thump or bang and will feel like you have hit a speed bump. When this happens, hold tightly to your steering wheel and remove your foot from the gas; don’t slam on the brakes. This will let your new Ford car slow down at a steady, safe rate. Turn on your hazard lights to alert other drivers as you steer to a safe spot on the road. When you reach a safer location, call for a tow truck and direct them to our Ford service center.

Remember to remain alert when driving your Ford car, and remember about the safety and driver-assist features found in your vehicle. If you experience any danger or damage, then bring your Ford vehicle into our Ford service center in Bridgeport, CT. Visit us today!