Do you know if your Ford Fusion needs a new battery? Many drivers don’t know that there’s something wrong with their battery until it stops working completely. Lucky for you, our expert team at Park City Ford is here to help you out. We can teach you all about car batteries and battery service so that you can avoid any future problems. 

The battery is the energy-source of your vehicle and it powers your vehicle’s accessories when the engine isn’t running.  Instead of waiting for your battery to die on you, have it inspected today. Typically, batteries will last about five years depending on how much you drive. Extreme heat or cold can affect your battery’s ability to perform, so visit our Ford service center near Norwalk, CT, to get it tested or replaced. 

If you are worried about the cost of the service, you can apply for a Ford Service Credit Card. This card would provide you with a credit line to help you cover the cost of vehicle maintenance and repairs. Additionally, we frequently offer specials on select services like car battery replacements, so be sure to check our website. Our team is trained to inspect your battery and replace it if necessary. The service itself is quick and simple, so there’s no need to put it off. Our expert staff know the exact type of battery for your Ford vehicle, so there’s no need to worry that it won’t work. For our battery installation service, we only use OEM parts and all parts come with factory warranties. While we replace your battery you can wait in our lounge with free Wi-Fi.

Visit Park City Ford to learn more!